Retrofitter Build Materials Bundle #2: Black BavGruppe Butyl Glue/Dielectric Grease/3M Goretex Patches



This package contains:

  • One roll of Bavgruppe Design Perma Seal Rubber (good OEM-style sealant designed specifically for use in headlights). At room temperature, Bav Perma Seal has a much harder consistency compared to OCI Butyl glue. Enough glue for 2+ large headlights.

  • A set of 3M Goretex Patches (4 Patches, Protects Against Condensation);

  • One tube of LectricLube Dielectric grease. This is essential for keeping your connections from short-circuiting/rusting and insulates the circuit long term. A must have for any retrofit.

**There are options to buy additional products at checkout, see below**

  • Optional: Silica Gel Moisture Packets (4 Packets Total, Protects Against Condensation, add $5);

  • Optional: Silver Wire for mounting halos, (add $8).

  • Optional: Seal Splitter Tool – Reverse Pliers for Opening Headlights (add $10)

  • Optional: Headlight Compression Clips. For Closing Headlights Correctly (Set of 8, add $12)

  • Optional: BOLT-ON BREATHER VENT (2 Pieces, Protects Against Condensation, add $4)

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