FRONT-END UPDATE: Thought you were done with your truck? Think again, because now that it won’t cost you five or six grand to facelift the front end of your Super Duty, it’s on. Our facelift kit includes an all-new core support and wiring that allows you to easily install the updated grille and headlights from the 2020-2022 Super Duty on your 2017-2019 truck and do it more affordably than ever before.

TURN KEY: Yes, this was (kind of) possible with OEM Ford parts, but you would still need to cut up a 2020+ Core Support to make it fit… and if your 17-19 truck had OEM LED headlights, you would then need to make or buy an expensive adapter harness to get the 2020+ headlights installed and working right. This kit takes the guess work out of all that. It makes the upgrade bolt on and plug n play.

HEADLIGHTS AND GRILLE: A set of 2020+ Style headlights and a new grille are required, but not included. We have thoroughly tested the full upgrade with the Morimoto XBG grilles and XB headlights but believe you should also be able to use OEM Ford parts if preferred. More information on the recommended options below.

MORIMOTO XB LED HEADLIGHTS: Have become a staple in the Super Duty community for their performance, quality, and style. The top of the line XB LED headlights utilize four Bi-LED projectors to produce maximum output, feature a white or amber LED Daytime Running Light with sequential turn signal. The more affordable Hybrid version is still a top performer with its dual LED projectors but drops the sequential LED signals in lieu of a central bulb-based setup. Backed with a 5-year warranty, picking up a set of these is a no brainer to finish up the facelift.

MORIMOTO XBG GRILLES: The XBG grilles are highly customizable. You can select from either White or Amber LED Daytime Running Light Bars, and two colors for the trim pieces. Whether your truck is stacked with chrome or color-coordinated to the max, there is a spec that will be perfect for you. The front trim pieces can be removed with ease, painted (or wrapped), and then reassembled. Both the Chrome and Gloss Black versions are ready to install right out of the box, but if you prefer to color match– we recommend going with the black base grille. Either way, the finished look is going to be a game changer.

NO COMPROMISE: All the mounting points will line up properly. All the harnesses and other accessories that attach to the original grille support still have homes. The structure is made of the same OE-grade 30% fiber-reinforced polypropylene. None of the integrity of the original setup has been compromised or rigged to make this work.