BMW F30 3 Series Halogen Vision Concept 1 System 2012 – 2015



You are looking at the new Bavgruppe Designs Concept 1 Vision System for F30 3 Series BMW vehicles equipped with factory HALOGEN headlights. This kit is designed to drastically upgrade the looks of your plain factory halogen lights.

The kit includes:

  • LED Visions replacement rings in 6k white with wiring/drivers, OR White/Red Rings with a Keyfob to change colors;
  • Optional LED eyebrow amber turn signal function with switchback OR White/Red LED Brow;
  • Plug and play harness;
  • Optional Half X Concept system More info on this system here.  Full X Concepts are not compatible with this vehicle.
  • Bavgruppe H7 LED bulbs. 

If you are running the optional Half X Concepts, using our H7 LED bulbs is REQUIRED as the stock halogen bulbs generate too much heat and are incompatible with the Half X system.

Note: These should not be plugged into your halogen headlights without mandatory coding to eliminate daytime running light bulb monitoring, to eliminate flickering or the FEM computer shooting pulses through the daytime running light circuit or the turn signal, which will severely damage the rings. Coding info here, and we also have remote coding available.

This product does NOT include headlights.

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