SIDE VISIBILITY: If you think about it–there’s nothing illuminated between the front and rear ends of most vehicles. In dark situations, that’s ten feet or more of space someone could potentially turn or run into. XKGlow’s new running board lights add a full strip of light along the rocker panel, and with the optional two-color strobe mode, that will bring even more attention where needed!

FROM XKGLOW: Whether for style or safety, your vehicle deserves an upgrade with XKGlow’s latest dual color running board bars. The vibrant amber color syncs with your running light (semi bright) and turn signals (full bright) for maximum side visibility even during the day. The moment you open the door, an instant smooth white courtesy light illuminates the running board and ground. A free upgrade of intense white+amber strobe function is included when hazard mode is activated, providing the ultimate visibility when you need it the most.

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