Etched/Slit Rings vs Standard Rings:

Etched rings have etched lines on the outer side of the acrylic angel eye covering.  This mimics the newer OEM style rings on the newer F series vehicles, while standard rings are missing this feature.


Switchback is a term to describe white rings or white LED strips that have an amber function built into them. The amber circuit is typically used in conjunction with turn signal power so that the rings/strips turn amber when the turn signal is depressed, and will blink amber. It will return to white after the turn signal is released. The amber circuit is optional and can be left disconnected.

RGBW/RGBW-A and Color Chasing:

These acronyms are used to describe a color changing halo or LED strip. The primary colors used to make all other colors are Red/Green/Blue/White, and Amber for turn signal. The Amber circuit is only used when connected to turn signal power (it is optional and can be left disconnected). Again, Red, Blue Green and White are “primary colors” and are used together to produce unlimited color variations.

RGBW and RGBW-A are static rings that can produce one color at a time.

Color Chasing Rings can produce solid colors on at a time but can also produce color movement throughout ring and have multiple colors on the ring at the same time.

Vision Rings:

This is a hexagon style ring.

3/4 DTM:

DTM are round but with a flat bottom. This is a

DTM style ring but only 3/4 of the ring.


DTM resemble round RINGS but with a flat bottom.

Full X:

LED Inserts in an X shape that can be placed in front of your Rings

Half X:

LED Inserts in the shape of a half X (half of the full X design) that can be placed in front of your Rings

Full X