• Opening perma sealed headlights/General Tutorial: Click here

  • E46 Angel Eyes Wiring Tutorial: Click here

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  • E90 Pre-LCI Video Tutorial DIY Ring Mounting: Click here

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  • E92/E93 DTM Ring w/ Standard Brow Install Manual: Click here

  • E92 DTM Ring w/ Standard Brow – YouTube Video by Budget Bimmers (not our video) Click here

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RGBW Resources:

  • RGBW Folder: Click here

  • RGBW Dual Controller Initial Set Up: Click Here

  • RGBW DTM initial setup with harness and RGBW eyebrows: Click here

  • RGBW-A Wiring – Video Overview, Click here

  • RGBW/RGBW-A – Hao Deng Controller for RGBW/RGBWA – App Install and Troubleshoot: Click here (Obsolete)

  • RGBW-A and Pulsar Initial Wiring Setup and Overview: Click here

  • RGBW-A DTM Setup With Optional LED Brow: Click here

  • Welcome Lighting Harness for F Series (Light Coding Required): Click here

  • Welcome Lighting Harness for F Series (No Coding Required): Click here

    NOTE:  For RGBW/RGBW-A and Pulsar Models, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing the plug and play (PnP) harness below if you do not have access to coding in your area, as you will almost certainly need it due to many BMW FRM modules being overly sensitive.

    **** Purchase BavGruppe Plug and Play Harness click here ****

    ****Purchase Error Cancellers click here****

Coding Cheat Sheet/Overview: Click here

YouTube Resources: Click here