We create original, high quality lighting upgrades for your vehicle.


Bavgrüppe Designs has been a pioneer in the lighting retrofit world since we began retrofitting lights in 2010, creating some of the best products used by both professionals and DIYers alike. We are now expanding our market offerings, please have a look inside.

We have a network of professional, qualified installers in the US and globally, and can refer you to a select Bavgruppe installer for installation if you elect for a full service experience. 

We also now ship internationally!  Note:  We can ONLY ship to the billing address on record.  If you have a request to ship to another address, please email us. 


Featured Products:

E9X LED Rings and Eyebrow

One of our most popular options, taken to the next level in V3.

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F80 LED Rings and Eyebrow

Ready to take your M3/M4 headlights on your F80/F82 to the next level?

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