CSF BMW B58/B48 Front Mount Triple-Pass Heat Exchanger w/Rock Guard



The BMW F-series B58 engine is found in a wide array of BMW vehicles (M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i). The motor is similar to the S55 engine found in the latest generation F8x M3/M4 (and new M2 competition) in that it has an indirect water-to-air charge cooling system with a supplemental front mount heat exchanger to cool the water that circulates through the charge cooler. However, unlike the S55 motor, the BMW B58 charge cooler is built into the plastic intake manifold housing. In the meantime of continued development of its high-performance manifold charge cooler, CSF has first released their new BMW B58 heat exchanger for BMW F-Series vehicles. CSF’s new high performance B58 heat exchanger drastically reduces water temperatures in the charge cooling cycle, which in turn reduces and stabilizes the intake air temperatures of the engine.  With many unique features, included accessories, and of course, industry-leading performance, it’s without a doubt the best option on the market for every consumer whether it be for a daily driver or a high-performance race car.

Through several prototypes, CSF has been able to fit the absolute largest & most efficient cooler into the vehicle. The original OEM B58 heat exchanger is a 1-row unit that is 27mm thick. In comparison, CSF has used its industry-exclusive world’s largest 2-row core (68mm) with their B-Tube technology. A unique tank design allows the larger core to still fit into the OEM cooling system housing.

Another critical feature of the BMW B58 high-performance heat exchanger is its unique triple-pass flow design. The water traveling through the upgraded heat exchanger flows through the radiator three times before exiting the cooler and flowing back into the manifold charge cooler. This ensures that the outlet water temperature of the heat exchanger is the absolute lowest it can be. The OEM design, as well as more expensive aftermarket designs, all have single-pass flow structures.

CSF’s high performance / upgraded heat exchanger for BMW F-series B58 engines comes standard with a detachable rock guard and is also available in 2 finishes.

  • Semi-Gloss Black
  • Polished

As the 3.0 Liter B58B30M0 turbo engine platform continues to be developed by the high-performance industry and more power is extracted from the engine, CSF’s high-performance heat exchanger for the BMW B58 engine will be a critical component to keeping the vehicle charge air cool, and out of limp mode. The CSF BMW B58 upgraded heat exchanger for F-series vehicles will be especially important to install in upgraded turbo applications and/or vehicles running high-performance tuning software.