Lens Etching Service (Send Your Lenses In) Choose Your Style or Send Your Own Style for Etching!




Have you looked into aftermarket etched lenses for your car and none exist? But you still want that special etched look?  We are here for you! Get the ultimate swag etched into your OEM lenses and be supremely unique at every meet!

CUSTOM: You want something completely unique? Though this service costs a bit more, we’ll work with you one on one to come up with an all-original design for your lenses, and will provide a proof or image of a test-etched lenses before going forward.

MATERIALS: You will need to send in your own lenses to use this service. Once you pay, we will drop you an email for mailing instructions (mail in postage not included in price).

NO EFFECT:  Our etches lenses have no noticeable/damaging effects on the light output or overall performance (or in most cases none at all). So if light output is just as high on your priority list as-is looking good, you don’t need to worry.

PERMANENT: With our multi-step process, the image is permanently etched into the backside of your projector lenses. It will never discolor, fade, or fall off.

LEAD TIME:  Currently about 2 days once the lenses are in hand.

This is a special order and not returnable/refundable.

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