Toyota Supra DRL – Choose Motorsports Yellow or Color Shifting



The Toyota A90 A91 Supra LED headlights are blessed with extremely long and elegant DRL bars which span the width of the entire headlight but Toyota still left room for improvement. Our DRL upgrade will complete your car with a custom race car inspired look that it deserves.

Installation is relatively easy, is plug and play, and can be performed in the comfort of your own garage with basic tools. The kit is warrantied against defects for a period of one year.

Note: The Motorsport Yellow version is a direct plug and play replacement of the original LED boards. The RGB version requires additional work which includes connecting the RGB controller to switched +12v power and ground in the engine bay.


  1. 2019 – Present Toyota A90 Supra
  2. 2019 – Present Toyota A91 Supra


Our DRL module upgrade kit features:

Your choice of Motorsport Yellow or RGB DRL LED boards for left and right headlights:

  1. Thermal conductive adhesive
  2. Plug and play installation (fully reversible)
  3. All OEM functionality retained
  4. Complete installation instructions



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