F30 Sedan Pre Built Headlights Xenon PnP Upgrade (NON ADAPTIVE) 2012-2015




You are looking at our plug-and-play pre-built headlights for your BMW 3 Series F30 sedans equipped with OEM XENON headlights. These are plug-and-play headlights for BMW 3 Series F30 sedans equipped with xenon headlights! For 2012-2015 models, for all F30 xenon-equipped Pre LCI models (2012+).

These are AFTERMARKET NON-AHL (non-adaptive) and will require you to get coding to turn off your AHL and eliminate any errors.  

This F30 Vision retrofit for Pre LCI models includes:

  • Your choice of LED style rings and brows with advanced gel coating (no visible LEDs)
  • Matching LED eyebrows;
  • Blackout paintwork (all chrome is stripped 100% prior to prep and paint, shrouds and corner housings painted black)
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty.

All etched projector lens options are quality Q5-R products. The lights will fit F30 xenon-equipped vehicles from 2012-2015. The headlights are designed to transform the front end of any xenon-equipped sedan.