Pre-Built E92 LCI Headlights – Vision, Round, Full DTM, 3/4 DTM



The OEM ring setup on your old E92 LCI headlights suffers from very old technology which results in uneven rings where the inners are brighter (and not very bright to begin with) than the outers, and they are also an unsightly yellow which makes the car look very old and dated. Our LED ring and brow retrofit solves all of that as they feature the brightest rings on the market in a very modern 6k white color!

These headlights include:

  • Your choice of LED style rings and brows with advanced gel coating (no visible LEDs) with Matching LED Brow
  • Blackout service (all chrome is stripped 100% prior to prep and paint, shrouds and corner housings painted black)
  • Proper reseal
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty.

All purchase orders of pre-built lights are final and nonrefundable.