RGB-W Bluetooth Color Shifting Demon Eye 8″ LED Strips w/Cellphone Bluetooth AppRG



You are looking at our RGB-W LED Strip 8” Demon Eye kit.  They feature super flexible LED strips packed with 30 high power 5050 RGB-W chips. Very bright.

POPULAR: These 8” Demon Strips are a very different way to provide accent lighting on your vehicle.

SIMPLE: Our RGB-W demon strips are extremely bright and incorporate 30 5050 chips to produce accurate colors.

WIRING: Features external LED Driver and industry-standard 5 wire RGB-W input. A Cellphone Bluetooth controller is included.

Unlike products others sell, this is a complete kit with no additional wiring or harnesses needed.

The kit comes with:

  • 2 (Dual) or 4 (Quad) demon eyes;

  • Demon Strip Drivers (1 per pair of strips);

  • Wiring harness:

  • Bluetooth Controllers for cellphone application (Choose from Single or Dual Controller).