Quad RGB-W Bluetooth Color Shifting Demon Eye LEDs w/Cellphone Bluetooth App!



You are looking at our Quad RGB-W Bluetooth Color Shifting Demon Eye LED kit. These LED demon eyes feature a small board packed with high power 5050 RGB-W chips providing very bright output. Check out a quick video of these demon eyes lights in action here.

Quality: Our demon eyes lights are the aftermarket industry standard. They are extremely bright and produce many accurate colors, along with a pure white function. Select the color you want and marvel at the bright and vibrant output provided by our demon eyes lights.

Compact: Our drivers and wiring have been engineered to be very small to take up a tiny footprint in your headlights.

Wiring: Features external LED Driver and industry-standard 4 wires RGB-W input. These demon eyes lights come with our Cellphone Bluetooth controller.

The demon eyes lights also come with an auto-off wire that can be connected to parking light power or low beam power in order to have the demon eyes lights cut power when low beams are running, and thereby keep them from failing prematurely.

Unlike products others sell, this is a complete kit with no additional wiring or harnesses needed. You can also connect these demon eyes lights directly into any of our angel eye harnesses to avoid the need to splice wiring or use large adapters using the JST connectors they come with, see pictures.

The kit comes with:

  • 4 demon eyes lights (2 pair);
  • drivers (1 per 2 LED’s);
  • wiring harness:

  • Dual Bluetooth Controllers for cellphone application (1 per headlight).