COMBO E92/E93 3 Series Pre LCI Pre Cut Rings & LED Brow Kit



Product Information:

You are looking at our E92 Pre LCI LED Angel Eye & LED Brow for OEM Xenon equipped headlights. This E92 Pre LCI LED Angel Eye & LED Brow will fit the following cars:

  • Pre LCI E92/E93 (2007-2010 328i/335i & 2008-2013 M3).

Everything you need to complete this extremely aggressive setup. Choose from Vision Iconic, Full DTM or 3/4 DTM Angel Eyes. The kit includes:

  • LED rings with drivers;
  • Matching LED Carbon Fiber Eyebrows (All eyebrows have switchback turn signal function);
  • Electrical harness with H8 plug.

Optional Items:

  • Half X System;
  • BlueGhozt Lite LED Controller, which is our go-to for the best smartphone-controlled LED controller. It is controlled via iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and works with ws2811, ws2812b, SK6812, and similar (Neoprism/Neopixel) addressable LEDs. It is an excellent choice for our Color Chasing products. More info on the Ghozt Controller here.

This product does NOT include headlights.

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