COMBO E92/E93 3 Series Pre LCI Pre Cut Rings & LED Brow Kit



Product Information:

You are looking at our E92 Pre LCI LED Angel Eye & LED Brow for OEM Xenon equipped headlights (does not include headlights).  This E92 Pre LCI LED Angel Eye & LED Brow will fit the following cars:

  • Pre LCI E92/E93 (2007-2010 328i/335i & 2008-2013 M3).

The kit includes:

  • LED rings with drivers;

  • Matching LED Carbon Fiber Eyebrows (All eyebrows have switchback turn signal function);

  • Electrical harness with H8 plug.

Does NOT include headlights.

Optional Items below:

  • Half X System;

  • BlueGhozt Lite LED Controller, which is our go-to for the best smartphone-controlled LED controller. It is controlled via iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and works with ws2811, ws2812b, SK6812, and similar (Neoprism/Neopixel) addressable LEDs. It is an excellent choice for our Color Chasing products. More info on the Ghozt Controller here.

Everything you need to complete this extremely aggressive setup. Choose from Vision Iconic, Full DTM or 3/4 DTM Angel Eyes.

For more info on “Vision, 3/4 DTM” and additional info on the other ring types, click here.


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