Vision Icon Angel Eye System with LED Eyebrow – Fits F23 F30, F32 F36, F80 F82 M3 M4, F20 F21, M235i M240i M2 1 2 3 4 Series



You are looking at the new Bavgruppe Designs Xenon Vision system for the following BMW models that have OEM Xenon headlights.


  • F23 (2 Series Convertible)

  • F20 (1 Series);

  • F22 (M235i/M240i etc);

  • F32 (428i, 435i etc);

  • F30 (320i,328i, 335i etc);

  • F80 (M3);

  • F82 (M4);

  • F87 M2

Fits other models.  Our Vision Iconic with LED Brow System for F Series Xenon BMW’s includes:

  • LED Visions replacement rings in 6k White/Amber, 6k White/RED, CSL Yellow, or RGBW (color shifting) with drivers and matching eyebrows (switchback or color shifting);
  • Standard plug and play harness. To add our optional welcome lighting harness (adds OEM welcome lighting capabilities) for F series vehicles including 2, 3 and 4 series as well as M2/M3/M4, click here.

If you have an F82, F80 or F32 with factory xenon lights, pick up these black anodized amber side markers to complete your look and eliminate that ugly yellow yolk look!

See our Red/White kit in action here.

This product does NOT include headlights.

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