Vision Concept 1 System for F06/F12/F13 (M6), F30 (328i/335i), F10 (550i/M5), F32 (428i/435i), F80 (M3) & F82 (M4).



You are looking at our Bavgruppe Vision Concept 1 System. This Angel Eye and LED brow system will fit the following vehicles equipped with LED Headlights:

  • 2014-2017 F32/F80/F82 (4 Series, M3/M4) with Pre LCI LED headlights.
  • F06/F12/F13 (M6, 6 Series)

  • F10 (550i, M5)

  • Other LED and halogen models may fit, please email us.

Will not fit ANY xenon headlights. Does NOT include headlights.

The kit includes:

  • LED Concept Rings (Choose from White, or Red/White with Keyfob controller, or Color Chasing);

  • Matching LED eyebrow turn signal function with switchback (Uses the turn signal to turn amber when the turn signal function is used then turn back to white);

  • Replacement of corner marker LEDs in 6k white (F80/F82, white and red/white kit only).

  • Plug and play harness;

  • Keyfob Color Controller (Red/White systems only).

Check out our Retrofitter’s Bundle! The basic bundle includes glue, Butyl Glue/Dielectric Grease and 3M Goretex Patches. Everything you need to keep your headlights dry in the long term from condensation.

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