Bavgruppe Half X Full X Concept LED Accents



You are looking at our Bavgruppe Designs Half X and Full X Concept Systems. These kits will integrate with virtually any Ring System we sell. This system comes with Half X or Full X Inserts that can be placed in front of your Rings for a truly badass look.

These come in Red/White, Blue/White or Amber/White, and can be controlled with our included key fob. We also have our new Advance RGB Full X Concepts (Color Chasing), controlled with a cellphone app.  See it in action HERE.

All X Concepts now come with a full acrylic clear cover for that true OEM look.

System includes:

  • 4 Half or Full Concept X LED’s with drivers (2 per headlight);
  • 2 Keyfobs to control color shifting modes (default mode is White);
  • Half X/Full X mounting hardware.


Our Full X will NOT work with any Xenon System or any LED System that has a projector lens, as the projectors will square hit the X, and cause premature malfunction and failure. They should only be used with BMW LED headlights (with the OEM insert in the middle), and some halogen systems, please inquire before purchasing if necessary.

If using with halogen headlights, we highly recommend upgrading the lowbeam bulbs to LED bulbs to prevent melting premature failure of the X, as the bulbs will output extreme heat to the X/Half X and cause premature failure of the plastics (melting/warping) and/or LED failure.

Please specify the vehicle type (Make/Model/Year and headlight type at checkout. Thanks!

Using the system as a standalone without Bavgruppe rings?  Add our plug-and-play harness HERE.