BMW F06 M6/650i XENON Vision System Kit (6 Series models) Rings, Drivers and Plug and Play Harness Only



You are looking at the new Bavgruppe Designs XENON Vision system for BMW F06 M6/650i Series BMW’s that come equipped with OEM Xenon equipped headlights (for rings/drivers/wiring, does NOT include headlights). This kit will fit LCI and Pre LCI F06 6 series models with xenon or LED-equipped headlights.

The kit includes:

  • LED Visions replacement rings in 6k White Switchback, Color Chasing or RGBW (color shifting) with drivers;
  • Electrical Plug and play harness (this plugs into the fuse box and the battery terminals inside the hood area);
  • Matching LED eyebrow (the LED brow requires trimming of the OEM plastic brow lens to fit correctly).

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