F22/F20 2 Series HALOGEN Kit: DTM Angel Eye Kit for Halogen Headlights. F22 128i Choose from White Switchback or RGBW, 3/4 or Full DTM Style



You are looking at a set of BavGruppe Design DTM Widebody LED halo rings made for your halogen F20/F22 2 series headlights.

These are the widest, clearest, and most beautifully crafted LED rings on the market! For more pictures visit BavGruppeDesign on Instagram.

These DTM Widebody (deepest, thickest rings on the market that fit Halogen setups with zero issues) LED rings will make your BMW an updated look and will work with the BMW vehicles listed below:

  • BMW F22, F20 halogen 128i and more

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Features/What’s in the box:

  • Four (4) Gel Covered DTM LED extra wide rings with square bottoms featuring closely spaced SMD LED lights in 6k color with switchback amber circuit or color shifting for the RGBW option;

  • Ring Drivers;

  • Standard Plug and Play (PnP) Wiring harness included for plug and play. To add our optional welcome lighting harness (adds OEM welcome lighting capabilities) for F series vehicles click here.

*Some trimming of the top of the rings will be required for a perfect fit. The headlights must be opened.

****Check out our Retrofitter’s Bundle! The basic bundle includes glue, Butyl Glue/Dielectric Grease and 3M Goretex Patches. Everything you need to keep your headlights dry in the long term from condensation.

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