Want an excellent upgrade from your base HID 2.5″ projectors?  How about replacing your low output trashy halogen bowls?  We’ve got you covered!  These 2.5″ LED projectors are an outstanding upgrade over your base equipment.

ADVANTAGE: Let’s keep it simple and make a list of everything good about these.  The new AR clear lens. The ECE sloped beam pattern. The distribution of light. Your ability to see is maximized.

QUAD PERFECTION: If you’ve been dying to do a projector retrofit but don’t have the space inside your lights for something bigger, there’s never been a better time. 

EASY INSTALL: The Bi-LED’s amazing ease of installation relative to the amount of performance they produce makes them on of our most popular projectors upgrades. Insert the threaded mounting shaft through the hole in the back of the reflector (Cutting required on some models), hand-tighten, check rotation, tighten, and re-seal fog lights. Minimal cutting involved. (if any!) 

STAND OUT PERFORMANCE: With the most modern optics, our 2.5″ Bi-LED projector will outshine almost every OEM HID projector on the market! Their wide, uniformly lit beam stays intense all the way to the outer limits and provide an insane amount of additional light on demand.

STANDARD EQUIPPED: With Mini Gatling Gun to keep things compact and easy to assemble. 


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