Angel Eye and Carbon LED Brow Kit for E90 3 Series Fits LCI and Pre LCI 2006-2011



Tired of looking at your outdated and ugly BMW pre LCI E90 headlights? Wish your car had updated headlights that you could wow everyone with? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Our Bavgruppe Designs Angel Eye System with LED Switchback Brows is made for E90/E91 3 Series BMWs. This is the perfect upgrade to increase the style of your pre LCI E90 headlights and will fit the following models:

  • E90/E91 2005-2008 (Pre LCI) and 2009-2011 (LCI), equipped with factory xenon headlights.
  • Will not fit E90 halogen headlights.

The kit includes:

  • Pair of LED Switchback Carbon Fiber eyebrows with drivers;
  • Matching Rings (choose from Full DTM, 3/4 DTM or Vision Iconic Rings) with drivers and wiring and H8 plug.

OPTIONAL: BlueGhozt Lite LED Controller, which is our go-to for the best smartphone-controlled LED controller. It is controlled via cellphone via Bluetooth and works with addressable Color Chasing rings.

Take a look at more info on our ring types here.

The kit will require some minor trimming of your existing eyebrows as they will slot over your existing hardware. 

This product does NOT include headlights.