Standard Plug and Play Harness for Most BavGruppe Angel and Demon Eye Kits



You are looking at a Bavgruppe Designs plug and Play Harness for most of our kits. This harness allows you to connect your angel eyes directly to a switched power source via plugging into the vehicle’s fuse box. This is especially useful for newer cars where plugging directly into headlight power can cause canbus problems.  

This solution avoids the canbus altogether.

***Disclaimer – If you are plugging your rings or strips into the turn signal marker directly to use the turn signal function, and the turn signal bulb is always on by default (i.e., it functions as a parking light) you will still need coding as the turn signal circuit will still react and cause issues, and this solution will not work for you.***

Feel free to ask questions if you aren’t sure whether this harness will fit your needs!

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