Welcome Light (NO CODING NEEDED) Harness for Most F Series BMW’s F80/F82/F83/F22 and other models



You are looking at a Bavgruppe Designs plug and Play Harness that integrates OEM welcome lighting for Bavgruppe Angel Eye/Demon Eye kits and eliminates the PWM voltage pulsing found when using the OEM angel eye circuit. Simply connect the harness normally, and connect the Positap found in the power lead to your OEM angel eye circuit. That’s it!. It’s HIGHLY recommended for use with RGBW color-shifting kits, as the controllers can be very sensitive.

Using the harness will smooth out power delivery to your hardware and will ensure smooth operation and greatly increased longevity of your angels/demons/drivers. An excellent investment to protect your hardware. They also retain all OEM angel eye welcome lighting functions without all of the coding hassles normally needed.to ensure proper operations. **If you remove the OEM bulb, you may still need to code the angel eye error off.

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