6/8 OHM 50 Watt Resistor Kit for Bavgruppe RGBW Controllers and Angel Eye Kits (One Pair)



Product Description:

You are looking at a pair of in line resistors to be used for those customers who do not have ready access to coding who are installing any Bavgruppe Angel Or demon Eyes with an OEM angel eye plug. Use of these resistors will eliminate angel eye dashboard errors resulting from use of aftermarket parts.

It will NOT eliminate the need for coding if you are using the turn signal circuit on an E series BMW, as you wil still need to code the parking lihgts off for them to function properly.

This resistor set (the order is for a pair of resistors, one for each angel eye), will plug directly into any newer Bavgruppe RGBW controller/demon eye driver or angel eye driver harness for a quick and painless installation.

Because the resistors can get very hot, these should be installed with care, out of the way of any parts that can melt. Most customers will use a metal base or the ballast on the outside of the headlight as the install base.