Want your own set of F22/F87 OLED GTS tails lights with the same look that BMW sells for nearly 10 grand at a fraction of the price? Look no further!!  These GTS Style LED Tails transform the rear end of your car and mimic the 10k OLED tails found on the CS models!

This simple yet aggressive design will let any driver behind you know you’re in the best BMW money can buy!

The BMW GTS models are a BMW heritage design and concept. The tails are plug-and-play and require no coding. You will marvel at the starting light-up sequence and the bright white LED backup lights.

Choose from “smoked” or “OEM style” red. This set of F22/F87 OLED GTS Tails comes with a six-month factory warranty.

These are direct plug and play, HOWEVER, some coding may be required due to sentivie onboard computers on some F10’s.  Coding may involve removing bulb checks and turning off monitoring for turn signals, or reverse lights, all of which use LED’s instead of bulbs (oem tails use standard 55 watt bulbs).  This can easily in 5 minutes with a local coder or with Carly or Bimmercode (we also offer remote coding services).  Please consider this when purchasing as this is NOT a defect but rather your car reacting to LED’s where bulbs should be.

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