Morimoto’s XB LED Side Markers for the Porsche 997. These side markers are a game-changer for your vehicle’s lighting system. They offer unmatched quality with a virtually infinite lifespan and an unbeatable warranty. Morimoto’s high-powered Osram LED’s ensure superior brightness day and night, perfectly complementing your upgraded headlights, fog lights, and tail lights. Not only do these markers enhance your Porsche’s aesthetics, but they are also built to last with a UV-coated polycarbonate lens, resisting fading over time. The plug-and-play design makes installation a breeze, with no modifications needed, and they won’t trigger error codes or interfere with your radio. Morimoto’s commitment to OEM plus quality ensures a perfect fit and finish, making these side markers the best choice for your Porsche 997. Upgrade your lighting game today!


  • Enhanced Performance: Morimoto’s XB LED Side Markers outshine competitors, providing superior illumination.
  • Durable Design: UV-coated lens ensures long-lasting durability and appearance.
  • Easy Installation: Plug-and-play design prevents errors and fits without modifications.
  • Warranty Assurance: Morimoto offers an unbeatable warranty for peace of mind.
  • OEM Plus Quality: Superior fit and finish for an OEM plus upgrade.
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