Headlight Mounting Tab Repair Kit for BMW 3 Series E92 E93




If you have a BMW E92 or E93, many of you are aware that the headlights bounce around while driving. Upon looking carefully you’ll notice that the top tabs on your BMW have broken or snapped off. We have your solution! These headlight tabs bolt right on place onto your headlights. Simply carefully remove the old tabs and mount these using the existing mounting hole (bolts included). Takes 5 minutes to restore your headlights. No more bouncing headlights!

Fitment: 2007-2012 BMW E92 and E93, both Pre LCI and LCI.

Included: 2 Mounting tabs and 2 mounting bolts (fixes one headlight).

BMW Part Number: 63117182519

Shipped from NY via USPS First Class mail, international mail delivery extra.

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