Black BavGruppe Designs Rubber Butyl Glue (Permaseal)




BEST WATERPROOF PROTECTION: When you’re putting together a set of high-end headlights, the last thing you want is moisture the first time it rains outside. After years of sealing headlights with butyl meant for windshields and sunroofs, we have a new product that puts OEM-style sealant designed specifically for use in headlights. Simply the best.

SPECIALLY MADE:  Till now the only other butyl-ropes on the market were meant for “universal” applications, and true headlight butyl only came in blocks that were nearly impossible to apply without industrial machinery.  Our Retro-Rubber is designed specifically for resealing headlights.

CONSISTENCY: At room temperature, RetroRubber has a much harder consistency compared to OCI Butyl glue.

QUANTITY: Each roll comes with 4 meters of glue, which is easily enough to re-seal two or more large headlights. To use, place it inside the channel and firmly press inside the headlight channel, cut it to length, rough-fit the lens back onto the housing, heat for at 265F for seven minutes, and compress the housing back together.

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