BMW F32 F82 F80 M3 M4 4 Series LCI LED Icon Angel Eye and LED Brow Kit 2018-2020



Are you looking to have your LCI Icon lights stand out?  Tired of the generic, dull DRL upgrade currently on your car?  Or your lights have a broken optic ring but want to repair them?  Well our  Ring and LED Eyebrow OEM Plus upgrade is available for the following BMW models that have OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) LED Icon equipped headlights:

  • BMW M series F80, F82 and F83, 2018 – 2020 model years;
  • BMW 4 Series F32 and F33 2018-2020 model years;
  • May fit other models.

The kit includes:

  • LED Switchback eyebrows and LED rings;
  • Standard plug and play harness;
  • OPTIONAL Half X or Full X Concepts HERE

The rings will sit behind the OEM ring plastics.  The rings and brow combo are very bright and that LED brow will instantly distinguish your car from the pack.  Need an installer?  Click HERE.

Does NOT Include Headlights.